The Man Who Played Barney Has a Tantric Sex Business

His sessions include massages, ritual baths and guaranteed orgasms.

David Joyner used the dinosaur Barney costume for ten years (from 1991 to 2001), both on the TV show “Barney and his Friends” and on live performances. But the manbehind the iconic child character completely changed his life and is now engaged inhis own business: Tantric sex.
Joyner abandoned the entertainment industry slowly and is currently described as a “tantric massage specialist/spiritual energy healer”.
As he told in an interview with Vice, for each of his sessions he charges 350 dollars and in the three or four hours that last is included a ritual bath, balance of chakras, massages and also some sex.
“When the lingam (penis) and the yoni (vagina) are found there is an energy that occurs that the body alone cannot create,” he explained.
It only offers its service to women and ensures to have about 30 regular clients, which knows in different ways: from “word of mouth” to by quotes of Tinder.
David Joyner
Stephen White, writer of the series “Barney and his friends” revealed to the same medium that David “was always a very spiritual subject”. He also stated, “It’s an interesting transition from Barney. It’s still a kind of ‘I love you, and you to me’, but in a very different way”
Joyner started in this business in 2004, but has not been exempt from criticism. Another tantric expert questioned the methods of Barney’s former interpreter and described them as unorthodox, for, among other things, the former actor refuses to use condoms because he says they “block the energy.” Experts also believe it is ridiculous that sex is part of their rituals, for “in the world of Tantra it is rather an anomaly than a norm.”
In any case, Joyner does not record any complaints against them or complaints to the authorities. What’s more, some of his clients reported their experiences to Vice and pointed out that their sessions are a “spiritual awakening.”