Lose Weight Naturally – 10 Simple Hacks That Anyone Can Apply Today!

Lose Weight Naturally - 10 Simple Hacks That Anyone Can Apply Today!

To lose weight you don’t need to get into any hard diet plan, in fact it’s not even hard to achieve this. The only thing you need is to get some new lifestyle habits to lose weight naturally. That’s the reason why today I’ll share with you 10 simple hacks that anyone can apply from today to lose weight in a natural way!

Optimism is the key!

Have you heard about mantras? Ok, mantras are phrases that can help you to achieve any goal that you want to complete, and that’s right! We can use them to lose weight as well! Be optimistic, all positive thoughts and phrases matters. Do you want to accelerate the proccess? Well, then tell yourself things like: “I’ve just lost a pound, Let’s go for the next one!”, or “One day at a time”, and also something like “Not for today, maybe tomorrow”. Like this you can avoid eating more food than you need and you can start your path to a natural way to lose weight.


Ocean blue

Many people believe that the color blue helps our body to produce some chemicals that makes our metabolism to slow down. Besides, to be honest it’s a very unappetizing color, I mean there’s no meal or any food that has that color; I think that’s why we don’t have an appetite response to it. According to this, the weight loss experts reccomend to use blue utensils, like plates, forks, knives and spoons. Also you may try to switch your refrigerator light bulb for a blue one, that’s going to prevent you to get extra food at nights.


Life is movement

Maybe you have made the strong effort of following a strict diet plan, but you did not see any good result. And I can tell you that a healthy diet plan helps so much, but if you don’t mix this with some excercise, you’ll see very little to no results at all. You don’t have to start strong, just by walking 20 minutes to start is ok. Then you can leverage your activity by jogging just for 30 minutes, then systematically scale your excercise little by little. Anyway, there are some scientific facts that point that excersing for 30 minutes a day can help you to reduce 25% more weight than excercising for a full hour.


Eat alone

Many people (including me) have the bad habit of eating way too fast. And maybe that’s not our fault, we have an accelerated life that doesn’t allow us to have a relaxed space to have our lunch quietly. The problem here is that when we eat that way, we can not reach the feeling of satiety and usually, we have to eat more than we need. So, if you’re eating out, you should always choose the smallest food portion. And also, and the most important take your time to eat, remember that there’s more time than life. If you’re in a place that sells some kind of unhealthy food like burgers and french fries, remember to always ask for the smallest portion, that’s all you need!


Don’t eat while you’re watching TV or using your PC!

There are scientific facts that point that all kinds of food ads, especially the ones about unhealthy food, makes use at more. Besides, when you’re focused on TV or PC, usually we don’t pay attention of what we eat and the amount of food we consume. The weight loss experts recommend eating in front of the mirror instead. Crazy and creepy right? But some scientifics discovered that when we eat in front of the mirror, the amount of food we eat lower in 65%. Amazing right? Also remember to take to your table the exact portion that you’ll eat, no less and no more.


Cooler is better

It exist an extent research that has bee published in the Obesity Reviews Journal, where they reveal that it exist a tight relation between reducing the exposure to seasonal cold and the increment of the obesity in countries like United States or United Kingdom and other big countries. The fact here is that when we are exposed to cold, the muscles of our  body contract in a way that generate heat, and that process burns extra heat on our bodies. So, don’t allow your house to be overheated, ‘cause like that your metabolism will burn less fat.


Knowledge is power

Maybe this is not a new recomendation, but this is one of the most important ones; you may read the most of the nutrition facts food labels on all the food you get. There are recent studies that point that the persons who read the food labels on a daily basis, they choose better quality food and they lose weight faster; and usually this sector is formed by women between the ages of 34 to 55.


Nuts & Yogurt!

A research made by The Harvard School about Public Health states that is way better eating nuts and yogurt is way better for losing weight in the long term than consuming fruits and vegetables. Some other studies made in different universities reveal that the persons that consume nuts in a daily basis are about 25% less likely to be obese. Sounds crazy right? You may say “But I know nuts are plenty out of calories!” But this is not right. Dr. Carol O’ Neil, who is the main researcher at Louisiana State University states that nuts are rich in dietary fiber, mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids and plant proteins. Nuts are also used as an appettite supresor. So, if you’re feeling a little anxious about eating, go get some nuts and you are good to go!


Hot Chili Peppers

Consuming spices and hot peppers in a regular basis can help you burn some extra fat from your body. This because this kind of spices makes our metabolism to accelerate and to convert the fat from our bodies into energy. There are some special kind of spices like cayenne pepper that makes appetite to reduce dramatically and melts calories way faster.


Increase your water ingest

If you want to lower your weight, then you must as much water as you can. It’s so convenient for you to stablish drinking water as a strict habit in a daily basis. In fact, there are some good tricks you can apply right now, like drinking a glass of water in the morning before you have your breakfast, and another glass of water before you go to bed at night. This hack will make your body to be hydrated and will make your metabolism to speed up, so you’ll burn more calories on the way. There are scientific facts that states that drinking a couple of glasses of water before eating will help you to feel satiety and you’ll not eat more tan you need.

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